About Us

Florida is in a very unique position when it comes to construction and asphalt paving. While the state did suffer a lot during the financial crisis and resulting recession, it is also one of those states that is mounting a huge comeback. If you look at the most populous areas around Florida, you will find they are growing not getting smaller. And it is not just in population, but also in terms of the economy and housing prices.

It is why we wanted to create a magazine that would focus on asphalt paving in Florida. We believe that asphalt paving companies in Florida are some of the most interesting in the nation. They take on so many varying projects, which is why profiling these companies is very exciting.

But our magazine is not only about the companies. We also like to focus on the general trends within the industry. We want to give our readers a full impression of how the asphalt paving industry in Florida is performing. Financial projections are a big draw for our readers. We ensure all the information is first-hand, properly sourced and accurate. We do not piggyback off the reporting of others.

Want to know about the latest techniques in asphalt paving? Our magazine is the spot for you. We always have reporters going around the state and looking at what asphalt paving companies are doing. If we find some interesting project or method, we will write an article about it in the next issue.

It is wonderful to see our magazine growing with each passing month. And we do not believe that growth is even close to being done. We also welcome feedback from our readers, because we want to create a magazine that resonates. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to send us an email through our site.