Two Easy Ways to Save Expenses on Asphalt Jobs

Part of working in the construction industry is finding that balance between giving a wonderful output to customers and reducing costs. It is something that will always be present. That urge for a company to use fewer or cheaper resources, but still deliver the same quality the customer is expecting. The good news for asphalt paving companies in Florida is that some cost savings may be possible. We have learned about two methods that we believe would help asphalt pavers in Florida a great deal.

Recycled Materials

The asphalt mix is a big part of the process of installing a new driveway or paving a road. The mix is made up of stones and other materials. When the mix is done just right, it has the consistency and the durability to last for many decades. But those materials can be expensive, especially in certain times of the year. It is why asphalt pavers in Florida may want to know about using recycled materials.

By using recycled parts from torn down asphalt driveways, tires and other materials, the cost of the asphalt mix can come down. And the best part is the driveway pavement contractors in Florida can still give customers the same quality they were getting before. These mixes have been used in other states and they are producing some very impressive results.

For instance, the entirety of the recent Michigan Avenue renovation in Chicago was done using recycled materials as part of the asphalt mix. People were so impressed they gave out an award to the company that was in charge of the project. And the mix they used is something that could be used in Florida to great effect. It would bring down costs. And it would let companies, like, advertise themselves as having a green initiative. People always appreciate companies that are making an effort to use fewer resources.

Cooler Mixes

Another method that we want to talk about is a cooler asphalt mix. While the mix is not cool, it is a lot cooler than the hot mix that is usually part of the driveway or road paving process. The reason why the costs are lower is simple: the mix is heated to a lower temperature. It means that it costs less money to heat the mix, which will result in savings for the asphalt paving contractors in Florida.

Another interesting bit of information about this mix is the fact that it does not give off the same smell as the hot mix. If you often get complaints from customers about the smell when you are paving their driveway, using this cooler mix would be a great solution. Customers get a great driveway, less smell during the construction process, and you get to save money on the expense of heating the mix before its application.

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